Best Email Subject Lines When Sending a Resume (Examples + Tips)

Best Email Subject Lines When Sending a Resume (Examples + Tips)

With countless resumes sent for an individual opening, you really want to stand out through the masses. Emailing your resume to a recruiter or even hiring manager is one of the more useful methods to end up an interview.

Since this’s the very first contact you will have with your prospective employer you wish to ensure it is done correctly. With hiring managers and recruiters getting a lot of resumes through email, the subject line may be the big difference between having your email opened and deleted. 

Studies also have discovered that thirty three % of email recipients determine regardless of whether they will open an email according to the subject line.

Importance of great subject line when sending a contact To not worry, we have got the back of yours! We will teach you the way to create the best subject lines to post your resume in three certain scenarios, in addition examples for various other scenarios.

Top three suggestions for the best subject line when emailing your resume one. Try keeping it simple and short

Keep in mind that brevity is essential when writing the subject line of yours. The majority of the book within the subject line gets cut off so make certain a couple of words capture attention.

Hubspot recommends maintaining the subject line under fifty characters therefore when scanning emails, the receiver basically understands what the email is about. It is alright to talk about this a little, but make certain you get the key details in a couple of words.

You should not put something in the subject line which sounds as a marketing email. Stay away from soft skill phrases like passionate or dedicated. This’s a significant turnoff for hiring managers and will probably have the email of yours in the garbage folder.

You must additionally continually be immediate and never ever abandon the hiring manager to question what the email is about. When you are crafting a cold email to somebody you have never ever been in contact with previously, here’s a great posting on crafting the best cool email for a project.

When you are following up on an interview or even job application, declare it right. For example:

“Following up around the accounting position – John Doe”

“Following up on the job interview – Tom Nash”

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You are able to see much more on following up on a resume submission here.

2. Follow instructions

When you are emailing about a certain task post, you must constantly check out the listing for instructions relating to submitting an application. Occasionally you will discover directions that are specific on what they really want within the subject line. For example, if they simply ask for the position, Job ID # and your name, you would simply write:

” Marketing director, Job ID # 2283, John Doe”

Do not add other things if instructions are provided.

3. Referral name

Did someone in the business send you? In that case, this’s perhaps the simplest way to record the interest of a hiring manager. Ensure you make use of the title of the individual that referred you within the subject line. Here’s a task referral subject line example:

“Referral from Tom Nash: John Doe, choice for senior accounting position”

Most positions filled today are available through some kind of referral as there’s currently a trust factor started when a worker, or maybe someone regarding the organization refers you. Hiring managers like referrals and so make sure you point out their “referral” and title in a couple of words of the email subject.

Tip: If you are attaching your reusme within the email, you must understand that many emailed resumes continue to be gon na be delivered through an ATS of some kind. Check out the tips of ours for passing ATS scans.

The best way to create the best subject line for a cold email If tips #2 or perhaps #3 above do not truly pertain to you, here’s what you need to put in the subject line for the conventional job search email.

“Job application”

Work title

Job ID (If there’s one)

The name of yours


“Job application – Accountant, Job ID #4453 – John Doe”

In case you are only just sending your resume without requesting a certain job, you are able to simply write:

“Marketing manager resume, Tom Nash”

Include your major certifications or qualifications If there are certifications or maybe major qualifications you possess you need to include it. If the position requires a CPA certification, show it after the reputation of yours. This may truly help you stand out with the hiring manager. For example:

“Job application – Accountant, Job Id #4453 – John Doe, CPA”

Make use of an experienced email address Not having an experienced email is among the worst mistakes you are able to make like a job seeker. Hiring recruiters and managers will often reject a contact in case it sounds unprofessional. Emails as “Michaelb229283” or “knicksfan11” won’t be taken seriously.

The email of yours must be a combination of the name of yours or maybe your name and also the job title you are after. Getting a couple of numbers into your email is okay but try to help keep it professional and short. Here are good examples of acceptable emails:




Snagajob has a great article about the significance of creating an experienced email.

There’s absolutely no justification for this as you will find a lot of email combinations you are able to use that are appropriate.


The suggestions above could assist you craft the best email subject when publishing a job application or even to follow up. Always cut straight to the stage and also omit the fluff. Using techniques plus phrases that hook someone into opening an email won’t use hiring recruiters and managers.

Remember that the moment you capture the interest of the employer, you should have a good resume that effectively and clearly portrays why you are a great match for the position.